Sony xperia u error camera not available

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Accepted Solutions. Best Answer set by hazel Launch the Settings app. Hit on Apps.

SOLVED: Cameras and the Flash Don't Work - Sony Xperia Z5 - iFixit

Select All. Then tap Camera. After that, restart your phone. Check if your problem persists.

Message 3 of Message 2 of The camera should work now and if the Sony Xperia z2 camera problem staying you can try some more options I found in the link below http: Lollypop Good luck. Message 4 of Tried it, still not working. Message 5 of I tried your suggeston, it still isnt working.

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Message 6 of Message 7 of Message 8 of Update your phone to the latest software. Message 9 of Hi Your sony has a 2year warranty from first activation My initial thoughts are it might be due to camera overheating But that shouldnt be that case after few hours There is a diagnostic application in the settings that may help if you have tried all info above and still nothing works Also if you have any other issues or you cant solve this you can call the Xperia support number that should be stored on the phone just have imei number ready Hope you get your problem solved.

But sp is midrange device. I am thinking of purchasing this phone Is there any way we can do it I am also aware that an update us just around the corner AnonD, 20 Aug Hi! Sorry had promised this review post way back but had an accident and have a fracture in my Somehow I think you have the necessary expertise to guide me out of my below dilemma.

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I cannot decide between Xperia SP and Lumia The majors cons of SP which are deterring me from the device are: The camera: Picture quality is way below Sony standard with bad low resolution pics and noisy pics. Low light pics are getting huge negative reviews. The screen is also not doing justice to the phone with being washed out display and bad viewing angles. Seriously bad wi-if range.

Fix for “Error! Camera not available” on Xperia smartphones

My wi-fi range would be about 10 to 15 feet with a wall in between at times. Less ppi compared to Plus when you are paying Rs 23k I don't plan to change the handset in at least 2 years if not 3 years. So I need to be at calm that my software will receive regular updates.

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And I have to keep the resale value in mind when I get my next phone. Nokia enjoys certain respect while coming to resale.

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Lumia is high ending device. Xperia Z C 52 Please help me to fix my Sony xperia m2 got a problem on my camera Dyas that not available I did everything reset factory clear all data but still not working. We suspect that this may be an Xperia issue. Help Translate iFixit.

What are your opinions on that? There are things going for XSP too.

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I hope you get the quandary. Need your valued advice urgently. AnonD, 04 Oct need help

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